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22nd 1月 2016
Aerogen Named ‘People’s Choice’ for Respiratory

Aerogen, a global leader in aerosol drug delivery, today announced it has received the prestigious 2015 Zenith Award for respiratory care excellence by the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC).
Widely recognized as the “People’s Choice” award of the respiratory care profession, Aerogen was chosen to receive the Zenith Award from more than 400 suppliers, as voted for by over 52,000 respiratory therapists and allied health practitioners.
Aerogen is one of just six companies to receive the award in 2015 in recognition of its breakthrough vibrating mesh technology, service excellence, truth in advertising and commitment to the respiratory care profession.
Used by over 60% of the Top 100 hospitals in the US to deliver aerosol medication in the acute care setting, Aerogen’s patented palladium vibrating mesh technology lies at the heart of its category-leading aerosol drug delivery systems.
Its proprietary technology turns liquid medication into a fine particle mist, gently and effectively delivering drugs to the lungs of critically ill patients. Innovative products such as the Aerogen Solo offer improved patient care and less drug wastage, while also significantly reducing patients’ treatment time, length of stay and related hospital care costs.
Commenting on the accolade which Aerogen also received in 2013, John Power, Aerogen CEO, said: “We are honored to receive the 2015 Zenith Award, and delighted to be held in such high regard by respiratory care therapists and healthcare practitioners who work everyday to improve patient’s lives.  I must also pay immense tribute to our great team and the support they offer our valued customers.
“Aerogen strives for excellence in everything we do. We work hand in hand with respiratory care professionals at all levels and I wish to thank them not only for this award, but for their continued support to deliver the best possible patient care.”
Aerogen will officially receive the award at the annual AARC Congress in Tampa, Florida, on November 7th 2015.